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Glass Top Wine Table

glass top wine table

    wine table
  • A Wine-table is a late 15th-century device for facilitating after-dinner drinking, the cabinetmakers called it a "Gentleman's Social Table." It was always narrow and of semicircular or horseshoe form, and the guests sat round the outer circumference.

wine tasting at salisbury

wine tasting at salisbury

Today was really fun. We hit the road for a leisurely sunday drive. Apple tasting, wine tasting, enchilada tasting and the watching of lots of sea life.

This is at the Salisbury Tasting Room, right off the one. What I like about Salisbury (besides some really tasty reds and a "white" pinot noir which was great), are their after-hours activities. Most tasting rooms close around 4 or 5. Salisbury stays open til 6 and has fun events like "Girls Night" and Winter Tasting (or something similar)... I hope more wineries do this.

Salisbury is in Avila (tho they have a few acres for red grapes in Paso) and only 10 minutes or so from our house. ;)

The bottle at the top is a table red (a blend) that is called Devil Dog. You gotta love that.

Wine Glasses With Water And Food Coloring (195-365)

Wine Glasses With Water And Food Coloring (195-365)

The Same wine glasses as 194. I just put a drop of yellow food coloring in one glass and a drop of blue in the other. The glasses are sitting on a piece of glass on a piece of poster board with a SP150 Strobe in a 24” x 24” soft box fired via Cactus V4 behind them.

Canon A-1
Canon 85mm F/1.8 Fdn
Polaris Meter
SP150 Strobe in 24” Softbox
Cactus V4
Metered and Shot at F/16 @ 1/30
Ektar 100
Zoner Photo Studio

glass top wine table

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